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Radiation Simulation

Our top priority is to provide you with the most effective and efficient treatment possible that will only increase your ability to positively fight cancer. Simulation is a treatment planning process that enables us to accurately map out your radiation treatment that will prove to be most beneficial for you.

CT, MRI or PET scan information can be used individually or fused together in a series of images to be used to customize your treatment plan.

Patient simulation generally takes one hour initially allowing the therapists to use specialized immobilization devices to keep the body in a desired position. Once the planning scan is complete, the therapists will mark the targeted area in ink for documentation purposes and  to assist with reproducibility of the treatment position. Permanent tattoo marks (dots) are given during the initial simulation to provide a permanent reference for treatment.

Dr. Stafford will use the information collected from the simulation and other data to plan your treatment. Generally, radiation therapy will begin one week following your simulation.